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Agnes is a lifesaver. She knows Hangzhou well and was able to help me decide how far I wanted to be from work and what I needed in a neighborhood. She was able to help me negotiate a contract even with my own company's standard contract. She welcomed me to my neighborhood, set up utilities, and made sure I was comfortable in my new home. I recommend Agnes to all coworkers and friends alike.
From: Dr. Rachael Alonzo To: Agnes


Cici is amazing! She showed us a range of apartment styles, then focussed in on the type that we preferred. She found us multiple units in the same complex so that we had a better negiotiation position. She has also been super supportive since we have moved in. We would (and have!) reccomended her to others. We are hoping to have her added to the official CIS realtors to be reccomended to staff moving to Hangzhou.
From: Toby Andrews To: Cici


sherry is very friendly and helpful. She found me an apartment according to my requests and budget. I will definitely recommend her to my friends.
From: Dimitar To: Sherry


From the outset, Agnes has been very supportive. The dedication to every detail and fine-tuning throughout the entire moving process made the difference. Although I only moved from Shanghai, she communicated with the landlord and my employer to ensure everything was all set. This relieved me from stress and worryof moving, espeically relocating to a new apartment. Agnes even took me to get registered at the poloice station, another important aspect of expat life. From the initial contact to the signing of the documents, Agnes has been a god send. She really does understand what i s required and within a budget that is agreed. I would highly recomend Agnes and Hangzhou housing to my friends. Thank you again fro all your support.
From: Ian King To: Agnes


Cici is a gem. I would highly recommend using her when you are looking for a house. She has been our housing agent for six years. She is always willing to help with anything no matter the time or day, and she also helped with many other things not house related. Her professionalism, expertise, and exceptional service exceeded our expectations. She knows the areas and her client's needs very well. Thank you for your great service over the past years!
From: Jackie To: Cici


Patience and efficiency fits Cici very much. She helped us to find our ideal home in Hangzhou. Thanks a lot :)
From: Charles To: Cici


Cici is a super nice lady, also extremely professional with her job. We will definitely recommend Cici and her company to our friends in future.
From: Clive To: Cici


Thank you for your care and help to our family in the past few years, making everything in our life more smooth, we are grateful! I hope everything goes well with your work and good health in the future!
From: Spacil To: Tina


From: 汪华梁 To: Tina


Cici is amazing. She has always been professional with us and helps us with whatever we need. She is very patient with us and explains cultural differences so we can understand housing differences. Highly recommend Cici for all your housing needs!
From: Katie To: Cici


Agnes was a great help to me. She showed me several different apartments eventually leading up to where I am now, which I’m very pleased with. She was very patient and knew exactly the types of places I wanted to stay. She made efficient use of my time and I’m grateful that she still continues to help me with any problems I have related to my apartment and general living.
From: Nathan Stuart To: Agnes


Cherry has been very helpful. Ever since the beginning, she has been sending me different options to check the options because I was in another city that time. She is always patient and never complains if I rejects any apartments. Once I arrive the city, she already make appointments with 7-8 apartments for me to check from morning till evening. During lunch time, she even found 2 more options in the area which I showed more interest and in the end we finalized during the same day. Wouldn't have made it without her help. She also helps to negotiate with the landlord, and gives me a lot of useful information about the neighborhood, activties that I can do. Her service is the best. My only suggestion for her would be neogitation of the prices with the landlord. Because I noticed maybe because she's a little embarrased to tell the landlord the price I was looking for. Overall speaking, I'm grateful for Sherry and she has the best service!
From: Yilan Lu To: Sherry