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Cherry was very helpful in locating a new apartment for me and my family. She was always friendly in her communication with me. She was also very helpful in arranging my new residence paperwork by not only helping me complete the forms, but also taking me to the different locations I needed to go to get the proper paperwork. Her general demeanor is very kind and friendly. She is also very patient. Her English is good enough for important communication. I never felt misunderstood.
From: Sean Armstrong To: Sherry


Cici is a very professional and dedicated agent Very helpful and customer oriented.
From: Alberto To: Cici


Cici is the best!!! Critical hit with this agent. We had three other agents and they were okay, but she blew our expectations out of the water. Cici continues to go above and beyond to make our China experience the best it can be.
From: Matthew Baxter To: Cici


CiCi goes the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. She is fluent in her English speaking abilities which makes her easy to contact with questions. She is able to bridge the culture gap between expats looking for apartments and the local landlords. CiCi is a professional who takes the time to get it right and meet the needs of the customer. Nothing but good things from her and Plus. I recommend them to everyone I know.
From: Zach To: Cici


I had the pleasure of having CICI help me find an apartyinnthe Binjiang area. We just relocated from Chengdu. It was a real pleasure to deal with Cici. English is very good and after we told her what type of soo we needed she found us on our first day of looking a very nice place. I can highly recommend her for you real estate needs. Thanks!
From: Johan Wallin To: Cici


Cherry was vital to me finding an apartment. She was able to show me the place I wanted on the very first day of looking. She did all the negotiating with the landlord and answered any questions I had throughout the process. It would not have been possible to find a place to live so quickly without her.
From: Erik N To: Sherry


Cici is fantastic ! for a foreigner first time to Hangzhou and not speaking Chinese, Cici om the very first contact she has been very helpful and informative. Her English is very very good and ahe understood everything i asked and needed. She was able to find suitable aprtments to my needs without wasting time. She was very helpful with internet connections, cleaners etc - She was a deloght to work with and her ongoing assistmace with my rental is a fabtastic after contract service. Cici is a great asset to your company.
From: Nick Holmes To: Cici


Cici is so kind. She gave us a good house.
From: Jeongyoon Kim To: Cici


Cici, as a foreigner in Hangzhou, I sometimes need help to understand or to do something. Each time I contact you, you are so cheerful and positive... and very helpful. You reply promptly to messages I send to you, and if I present a "problem" to you, it is quickly solved. You help the landlord to communicate with me and vice versa. You are good at your job, Cici!
From: Christine Stewart To: Cici


Cici is the agent who helped me find my current apartment, and she also helps me with any matters related to the maintenance and monthly bills associated with my apartment. Cici is a very dedicated and knowledgeable agent who is always willing to help. Cici promptly responds to all my concerns and questions no matter how trivial they may be. I Value her expertise and opinion and I’m grateful I chose her as my agent.
From: Val To: Cici


Robert is very considerate and detail oriented,he took both parties very well and professionally. He was really responsible and flexible when I asked him for favors and this was really helpful given I didnt have much time.
From: Daniel Qiu To: Robert Hu


Thank you so much Cici for negotiating and helping in all possible ways to find a perfect house for us and also full filling all our requirements that were missing in the the house.
From: Anuja To: Cici