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House Agent

Email : Agnes.lee@hangzhou-home.com

Mobile: 15967109899




Job Title:House Agent

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About:Li Wen was born, raised, and educated in Hangzhou, a city to which she has a deep emotional attachment and understanding. With over ten years of experience in the foreign service industry, she understands the needs and preferences of foreign clients. She can accurately grasp clients' requirements and provide corresponding and effective advice and solutions. Li Wen is a very cheerful and enthusiastic lady who enjoys making friends and is always ready to help her clients. Having worked in the real estate industry for many years, Li Wen is always able to quickly find suitable houses based on clients' requirements and provide honest and effective advice. She is always eager to introduce local customs and relevant amenities to clients, helping them quickly integrate into the city. She is always open and transparent in addressing clients' questions and concerns.

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