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House Agent

Email : cherry.xie@hangzhou-home.com

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Job Title:House Agent

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About:Sherry is a true Hangzhou native, born and raised in the city. At 28 years old, she has already accumulated over five years of experience working at Plus. Sherry's dedication and commitment to her work have enabled her to gain valuable expertise in the field. Sherry has a genuine zest for life, evident both in her professional and personal endeavors. She not only excels in her work but also maintains a positive and proactive attitude towards life. Traveling is one of her passions, and whenever she has the opportunity, she embarks on journeys to explore new cities and countries, broadening her horizons along the way. In her professional role, Sherry consistently upholds a professional demeanor and a warm, service-oriented approach. She is deeply committed to meeting the unique needs of every client, ensuring they receive the best service and experience possible. If you are in search of a reliable real estate expert, Sherry is unquestionably an outstanding choice. With her wealth of experience, genuine enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication, Sherry is well-equipped to guide you through your real estate journey. She takes pride in providing exceptional service, tailored solutions, and personalized attention to ensure each client's satisfaction. Choosing Sherry as your trusted real estate professional is a decision you won't regret. No matter the complexity of your real estate needs, Sherry is ready to assist you with her extensive knowledge, professional expertise, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.

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